The Creative Women in Neighbourhoods programme is based on more than two decades of experience of working across communities. We've seen first-hand the powerful impact women bring as catalysts for change when they connect with each other, share their innate wisdom and take inspired action towards transformation on any level. 


We know there is a reservoir of untapped potential in our neighbourhoods, and the Creative Women in Neighbourhoods programme is the first step to unleashing the creative genius in every woman, in every neighbourhood across the world. 


While the focus of the programme is on neighbourhoods, we are connecting with anyone who wants to build dreams, create the life they want, and move beyond the obstacles that seem to be getting in the way.


A one-day workshop designed to get your dreams out of your head and into the world.


Duration: 10am - 4pm (available weekdays and weekends online and in person.) 


What we will explore together:


1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Pipe Dreams to Possibilities 

3. Revealing Your Purpose

4. The Five Phases of the Creative Process 

5. Miracles vs Goals

6. Possibilities to Action 

Capacity: 20 people