Laughter Hangouts are online spaces where you connect and share in the power of laughter.  Laughter Hangouts are based on the concept of laughing for no reason.  It is not based on jokes but rather incorporating into gentle exercise a willingness to laugh plus deep breathing to boost the mind and body with the natural essence from within.


Laughter Hangouts run for 30, 45 and 60 minutes and each session offers a full mind and body workout that leaves you feeling relaxed, invigorated and energised. 


How Laughter Hangouts Work


1.  Tune in - begin with gentle warm up exercises 


2.  Speed Up - introduce fun and playful laughter exercises

3. Slow Down - finish with a deep relaxation


Benefits of Laughter Hangouts 

  • Boosts the immune system 

  • Reduces stress

  • Releases endorphins 

  • Relieves Pain 

  • Gives your abs a workout 

  • Promotes human connection 

Capacity: 20 people