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When a friend asks how you are, what’s your automatic response? ‘I’m busy right now - things should ease up when the kids go back to school,’ Or: ‘I’ll be happy when this project at work is done.’ Or even: ‘I’m counting down the days to retirement - I’ll have so much more free time then.’

It’s tempting to imagine things will be different in the future, that we will be happier. Yet, inevitably, something else comes up, and you’re caught up in the cycle again, wishing for this and that!

But what if happiness is closer than you think? There may be a goal you’re working towards that will make a difference, but why not enjoy the steps along the way? The trouble is that when we fixate on an idea of happiness in the future, we miss out on all of the small moments where we could find contentment, right here, right now.

This state of being deeply present is a form of deep human connection. When we have a relaxed focus, we shift out of fight or flight mode and into rest and reset. Being more aware of what is happening in the moment can help you slow down your thoughts and find a sliver of peace, even in your busy life.

Instead of chasing a better future, what can you tap into that can connect you to a glimmer of joy right now? Maybe it’s listening to the birdsong when taking the kids to the park. Or perhaps you savour your favourite hot drink on a cold morning before work. Once you get into the habit, you’ll notice the potential for happiness every day.

Even better, a more conscious approach helps you feel refuelled and recharged, ready to take action on any goals. But crucially, you get to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Because the truth is you rarely reach the destination. Or if you do, a new one appears on the horizon.

If you’re feeling frazzled, you may start to lose touch with who you really are. When you race from task to task, your focus is on doing, not being. By slowing down and connecting with the present moment, you can get back to the essence of your identity.

Notice how different activities affect your energy. Perhaps you enjoy a creative hobby that gives you a deep sense of satisfaction. Or maybe you feel uplifted when surrounded by a like-minded community, and time flies. Tuning into what energises you can guide you towards what really matters.

Want in on a little-known secret? Happiness rarely appears when you’re scrambling to do more - it often sneaks in when you’re doing less. What could you cancel or say no to that would free up time to do something that lights you up?

When you’re present with what you’re experiencing now, life becomes less of a sprint to a finish line. It transforms into an enjoyable journey, allowing you to appreciate the steps along the way.

Slowing down and tuning in can help you find a way back to yourself. When you go deeper, you create the conditions for insights and realisations, illuminating your invisible power. You may discover that happiness is closer than you think.

Find out more about unleashing the happiness within by joining us at one of our workshops.

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