roving listeners

Roving Listeners are an integral part of neighbourhood transformation. Their purpose is to unleash the infinite potential of a place by connecting with people on a deep human level, sparking imagination through meaningful conversations that lead to inspired social action 

They are: 

  • Skilled Communicators 

  • Deep Listeners 

  • Strong Network and Relationship Builders 

  • Dream Makers

  • Creators, Innovators and Storytellers 

  • Explorers of New Worlds and Opportunities 


  • Connect with people Where They Are, in the neighbourhood, their model of the world, and in spaces where they naturally meet

  • Connect with 100's of people and create space for people to connect, ideas to flourish, and action to be taken

  • Spark imagination and help people see beyond limitations

  • Insightfully make the invisible capacities of the place visible 

Our two-day Roving Listeners programme takes participants on a journey of exploration and provides you with an experiential learning experience. 

You will leave with a A Whole New Way of Thinking About Neighbourhoods. 

Capacity: 25 people 



Welcome and Introductions

IWhat is a Roving Listener

Creating Human Connections 

The Map is not the Territory 

Unleashing Human Potential

The Power of Deep Listening 



Check In

Street Quest

Start Where You Live Matching Grants

The Language of Engagement 

The Power of Deep Listening - Part Two

Men Volunteering